Annual report designersWith over 25 years of combined creative experience, our designers are experts when it comes to report design and print. Our creative team produce stunningly visual reports for a variety of companies, business and brands across a wide industry sector from health to corporate, finance, banking to trade.

Our creative process is very simple, we are either given a brief directly from the client or we have a quick conversation with them to establish a brief. We work together with our clients to ensure we have a clear idea of what they want to achieve. From layout, colours, expectations to images, statistics and photography we gain as much information as possible from our clients before making a start.

All our design and branding for annual reports and any other projects are very target specific. We ensure we thoroughly research our client’s industry area and take in to consideration various readers of the report such as stakeholders, investors, board members and employees.

Due to our extensive experience in designing and producing annual reports, we are experts when it comes to branding guidelines, legislation, and other corporate and business restrictions. We can ensure your annual report design follows the right guidelines and that any limitations are taken in to consideration that for us is of ultimate importance.

We have over 20 years of print experience and we can advise clients on a variety of print finishes to ensure an annual report that really is flawless. However the most important factor for us is client relationships and delivering on time. We understand that with most annual reports there are time constraints and we are very proud to say that we have never missed a deadline.

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“Design that benefits the client and increases turnover is of the most importance to us, design that really is results driven and has a marketing edge” 

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