Consultation report

BRIEF: We were commission by West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group to provide our design and print services for their public consultation report. This report discussed various issues about a local walk in centre and would be read by the public in that particular area. There was also a requirement for a questionnaire to be constructed within the report which would allow direct feedback from the public.

SOLUTION: As gaining the attention and feedback of the local public was vital our design team opted to apply a vibrant theme with lots of imagery to the report which would appeal to the public. The images we used were from our image bank and they were geographically specific which would further connect with the target audience. We also made sure we used clear diagrams to display facts which made information easier to digest.

RESULT: The report was very well received by the West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, the feed back they received from the public was very positive. The team also managed to collect a sufficient amount of data and were very happy with the overall outcome.

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