IBMS Continual Professional Development (CPD)

BRIEF: Our design team were commissioned by the Institute of Biomedical Sciences to create and design a brand for their continuous professional development programme (CPD). As well as the branding our designers had to also create a range of documentation. The client wanted the CPD brand to look fresh, innovative and professional.

SOLUTION: The Institute of Biomedical Sciences wanted to ensure their corporate logo stayed the same but aside from that they gave our designers full creativity for this project. The designers produced various graphical elements to represent the professional development and also produced supporting documents.

RESULT: The client was incredibly impressed with the new brand and all the supporting marketing material. They were very happy with the creativity and the quick turnaround. The client also received fantastic feedback from their target audience and experience an improved CPD campaign uptake.

CPD-2CPD-3 CPD-4 CPD-5 CPD-6 CPD-7 CPD-8 CPD-9 CPD-10 CPD-11 CPD-12 CPD-13