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Do you need to use a design agency to create your report or can a freelance report designer complete the job?

It’s a question most of our clients ask themselves as the perception of working with an agency is one of a large support network to carry out the production of their reports. Design Agencies will have a management system in place with Creative Directors, Account Managers, Senior Designer, Mid and Junior Designers and possibly in-house copy writers. All of which come together and create a brief, design concepts and ensure all changes and amendments are made. Of course, all of this comes at a cost with each member of the team charging per hour or per day. A budget of £5000 can easily be burnt through in 2 weeks.

We spoke to iAM Graphic Designer who is a freelance annual report designer based in London and Nottingham. He has had the pleasure of running a graphic design agency in the UK and specialising in annual report design. He says

Many of the tasks carried out by 3 or 4 staff members at an agency can also be completed by a competent report designer providing they have the relevant experience.

The lone freelance designer takes on 2 or 3 large projects per month allowing he or she to concentrate and devote their time on that account. The result is seamless communication and the freelance designer will know all the nuances of the project as all communication arrives at one person of contact – the designer! Freelance designers also charge per day anything from £200 – £350 but that is all the client will pay. Management and admin costs are not required, so are not charged for! Working with a freelance report designer is extremely cost effective, efficient and instant.

For more information about annual report design please visit iAM Graphic Designer.