Layout pages and formats

Having a clear structure when it comes to reports is vital particularly if there are a number of different audiences that will read the report. Clear content, usability and ease of use are fundamental particularly for stakeholders, board members and employees who may wish to refer back to certain sections.

At Clip our reports allow the client to present sometimes complex information in a clean easy to digest format by combining the intelligent use of space and managing the flow of text on the page. Beneath every report design we produce is a structured layout which takes into consideration inner margins, outer margins, footers and headers, columns and the balance of all of these factors.

Some of the most important areas that our designers have to consider when organising layout and formats include:

  • Front cover
  • Contents page
  • Chapters
  • Dividers or dividing sections
  • Appendix
  • Back cover

There are also hundreds of variables for each aspect of formatting for annual reports. Text, paragraphs, spacing and even the style of tables can all contain specific formatting values. At Clip we have integrated working methods to our designs which ensure formatting is consistent and reliable yet changes can be made by the client over hundreds of pages within a few clicks.

An annual report should also be consistent in the look and feel from the first page to the last; however a talented creative agency should be able to do this whilst also adding individual artistic flair to each page. At Clip we believe each page can be different, unique and interesting if required but we also believe each page must feel as part of an entire set by the use of clever margins and page structure. Our designers do this by defining where text, images, tables, graphs and other elements start and finish from the onset. This allows our designers to be creative on each page but still stay within the confines of set margins. This then ensures the entire report looks like a consistently branded document.

Whether your annual report is being red by an investor, employee or the director a clean and organised formatting and layout will enable the reader to digest information easily and will result in a report that is perfectly concise.