NHS Leicester City

BRIEF: We were commissioned by NHS Leicester City to produce a variety of reports including their annual report and financial report.

SOLUTION: We worked very closely with the marketing department arranging the content as a ‘wire frame’ which allowed the client to make text changes very easily. We then started the design process taking into consideration the branding guidelines, usability and also demographic of the Leicester City NHS ward.

RESULT: The end result was a very creative set of reports which kept within NHS branding guidelines and looked visually appealing. Not to mention a very happy team at NHS Leicester City and an ongoing working relationship.

We’ve been working with CLIP for almost 4 years now. They are a very talented team of designers and are great to work with. We have worked with CLIP on several branding, design and print projects and they have become part of our team. CLIP are a great agency who are not only efficient and creative but a group of professionals who care about their work and always go that extra mile. Engagement Manager, NHS

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