How to use images in reports

To create a stunning annual report images are vital, the correct selection and usage of images can instantly transform a boring and dull report. Images can also break up text and even portray a message before the first paragraph has been read.

Having a selection of good quality images to choose from is fundamental particularly if the report is text heavy. At Clip we are open to various options, some of our clients either supply good quality images to us, we can also supply stock images or we can commission special photographers to generate images for our clients. Our in-house photographer specialises in food photography, food styling, corporate and sport photography, we also have access to a number of photographers who focus on other areas as well.

Incorporating diagrams, statistics and graphs can also help to illustrate points that are explained within a report. Having a creative agency that is able to design graphs that look visually appealing or even create technical diagrams is very useful. For example at Clip our designers have created reports that require geographical locations, maps, illustrations and also technical drawings. Our team are equipped with various illustrative skills to handle detailed artwork that can make a technical report come to life.

Branding guidelines can be quite restrictive particularly when it comes to choosing imagery and illustrations. At Clip we have worked on a number of reports for clients that have very strict branding guidelines therefore image selection and application is carefully considered particularly with corporate or blue chip reports. Before any images are used within the annual report design they are inspected for correct colour profiles, resolution, clarity, brightness and contrast which ensures they are print ready.  We also try and ensure that we don’t crop images so they look awkward.

At Clip we take into consideration imagery at a very early stage of the design process allowing us to create layouts, margins and headings and it also helps us to keep in mind which images might work. We work very closely with all of our clients on their annual report design, by having clear communication our designers have the opportunity to understand the clients vision. This understanding is then translated into a visual representation and image selection becomes easier, allowing us to create images that perfectly match the style and content of the annual report.