Report print finishes

Print finishes are usually the last decision made by some of our clients; we do recommend that print and materials are thought about as early as possible. Print and materials can really add an extra dimension to an annual report altering the look, texture and feel.

With over 14 years of print experience our Creative Director is in a unique position to advise any client on the countless print options and finishes available. There are thousands of paper types, colours and textures which all give your annual or financial report a certain feel. Whether you want an eco feel, a luxury sensory effect or a modern clean and crisp look our Director can advise the right finishes.

One of the main sections of the report that will require extra attention will be the front and back cover also known as the ‘outer cover.’ The outer cover is normally printed onto a heavier stock than the inner pages making your report feel substantial whilst keeping costs down. There are many options to choose from for the outer cover such as spot UV, emboss, or letter press or maybe a special paper from GF Smith. The front cover is your opportunity to make your report feel and look special while keeping costs in check.

The outer cover is printed separately to the inner pages which allow our designers to suggest unique print finishes in the knowledge that all options will be feasible. The inner pages can vary from an uncoated finish through to a silk. We can suggest paper weights and the type of paper. We can also integrate coloured sheets, transparencies and fold outs which can all add a touch of elegance to our client’s reports.

Other production and finishing options to consider with annual reports is the binding method, there are various binding methods starting with a basic ‘staple bind’ which is cost effective especially with lower page numbers. Another option is ‘perfect binding’ which is glue binding which works well with reports that have a large number of pages. We can also offer bespoke stitch binding where by the spine of the report is stitched with a coloured thread resulting in a beautiful ‘exposed stitch’ finish.

When it comes to print, production and finishing touches we always ensure that we provide as many options suitable for the style and content of the annual report. If a client does ask for a rare paper type or an unusual print finish we will always ensure that we go out of our way to deliver and produce an annual report that surpasses our client’s expectations.